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How Do Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj Rank Among Instagram's Sexies

Wendy Williams Champions for Kim Kardashian to Appear On Walk of Fame

Fans will have to wait to see if they make the final cut but chances seem slim. Kim Kardashian It was the photo that had Kanye West pledging "HEADING HOME NOW." This week, Kim made headlines when she put her post-baby body on full display in nothing but a skimpy white bathing suit. While there was very little cloth, noticeably not absent was Kim's famous bottom. Nick Jonas We know just how Nick might be spending his time now that the Jonas Brothers are on hiatus . <br>Visit:

Please respect Kim and Kanye's privacy as they discuss their sex plans on Twitter

However, despite many taking to the social networking world to blast the star, she still has the support of Kanye, sources tell Hollywoodlife. They have been through so much worse and the pic is something they both love, the source says. Kanye cant get enough of it and Kim is loving showing off her new post-baby body. People are going to talk regardless of what they do, so they dont mind the backlash as they know it will go away by next week. Kim Kardashian And Kanye West 'Couldn't Care Less' About Butt Selfie Kim posted this raunchy butt selfie this week (Photo: Instagram/Kim Kardashian) Reports have claimed that the showbiz pair "carefully planned the butt selfie", before Kim shared the saucy snap on Thursday (October 17). <br>Visit:

Kanye West Wears Kim Kardashian's Face on His Shirt

Then please refer to Exhibit A: a photo that Kim posted on Instagram about seven hours ago. Spoiler alert: If youve ever wanted to see every contour of the reality stars famous butt, unshackled by the pesky millimeter of fabric that just barely hides it from view on a normal day well, then today is your day, my friend: Clearly, Kanyes Post-Baby Workout Plan works like a dream. (Or, you know, the Atkins Diet .) And finally, heres Exhibit B: Kardashi-man Kanye Wests response to his girlfriends latest selfie. KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) October 17, 2013 Just dont ask him what, precisely, he and Kim did after he arrived at their manse. <br>Visit:

Kanye West , however, wears his right where you can see it. Kicking off his "Yeezus" tour Saturday in Seattle, the new dad, 36, wore a white tee emblazoned with a full-body (and nearly nude!) shot of girlfriend Kim Kardashian (although it appears he left his Nori necklace at home). It's just his latest public display of affection for Kardashian, 32, whose racy post-baby selfie posted last week was met with the ultimate all-caps compliment from the rapper on Twitter : "HEADING HOME NOW." Returning the fandom, Kardashian, who welcomed daughter North with West on June 15, cheered on her main man from the audience. <br>Visit:,,20747449,00.html

While A-list actors appear on visit our website the stars that line the sidewalks on Hollywood Boulevard, California-native Kardashian, 32, might have been shunned by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, who are in charge of those appearing on the monument. "We don't have a category for reality stars on the Walk of Fame," Walk of Fame spokeswoman Ana Martinez told the New York Daily News recently. However, Williams disagreed with the comments. "Well I think that whoever makes those rules is really, really out of touch. Reality stars are bigger than regular TV stars these daysEverybody in the world knows who Kim Kardashian is," Williams said on her show. <br>Visit:

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Movie Harkens To '07 Skorean Abductions By Taliban

Woody Allen has revealed the title of his next movie: "Magic in the Moonlight." The prolific director isn't saying yet what the film is about. But it is set in the South of France and, judging by images released from the production, appears to be set sometime in the 1930s. (The title may be a reference to Dean Martin's romantic ballad "Magic Is the Moonlight.") PHOTOS: Billion-dollar movie club Allen's latest film, "Blue Jasmine," is still in theaters and has made has made a robust $31.7 million domestically and generated critical praise for lead actress Cate Blanchett . The French location of "Magic in the Moonlight" returns Allen to the site of his late-career hit, 2011's "Midnight in Paris," which grossed $56.8 million domestically. "Magic in the Moonlight" is expected to be released in 2014, though it does not yet have a U.S. distributor. ALSO: <br>Source: here.,0,5545976.story

The Movie Moments interface. (Click to enlarge.) Microsoft didn't show much of the Movie Moments interface in its blog post, but it doesn't seem to be made for heavy-duty editing. The "simple app"as Microsoft calls itwill be able to trim videos, add music, and slap captions on your videos, as shown in the example below. In short, the app seems like an even more "streamlined" (perhaps too much so?)version of the Windows Movie Maker software that first appeared in Windows XP. Fresh Paint, Photos, and Camera Three other cornerstones of Microsoft's creative endeavors are also receiving slight makeovers. Like Movie Maker, Microsoft's utterly superb Fresh Paint app will be available in the Windows Store, rather than being baked in to the operating system itself. <br>Source:

Among the films many accomplishments (biting social satire, Wesley Snipess brilliantly insane villain turn, an intentionally funny Sylvester Stallone performance) , it also contained one of the all-time great token girl sidekick characters, played with uncommon humor and gusto by some unknown named Sandra Bullock . It is fitting that last week celebrated the 20th anniversary of the film that first introduced most of us to Mrs. Bullock, as last week capped an extraordinary run that arguably cements Sandra Bullock as the biggest female movie star on the planet. Obviously Sandra Bullock didnt become box office until eight months later when she co-starred in one of the best action films of the last thirty years, Jan De Bonts Speed. She again took a token girl sidekick/love interest role and charmed the film away from Keenu Reeves and Dennis Hopper in what was a true star is born moment. She was the big reason, along with pretty much everything else that was perfect in said bomb-on-the-bus thriller, why the film pushed past the no girls allowed action film ceiling of around $80m at the time and powered Speed to $121m domestic off of a $14m debut. <br>Source:

Will Dakota Johnson Drop Out of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Reggie Bush Kim Kardashian Movie?

Ozzie Smith was a pretty okay hitter, but is considered to be the greatest defensive shortstop of all time, which is why Ozzie Smith is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. We are told by Bob Costas' voiceover (watching this scene again, you can actually hear the contempt in Costas' delivery; I assume he used the same contempt when he endorsed his check from 20th Century Fox) that Ozzie Smith has been on a power surge as of late which means that we, as the audience, should be nervous because Ozzie Smith just might hit another home run. This is ludicrous. Ozzie Smith hit a grand total of 28 home runs. Not in any one particular season, mind you, but from Smith's lifetime total over 19 years in the Major Leagues. <br>Source:

Don't tell me I'd miss major plot points while scrolling on my iPad it's a movie about robots vs. monsters. I can follow Kim Kardashian shoe club along just fine." Predictably, Walk's blog post drew a barrage of criticism from movie traditionalists making familiar arguments: that cell-phone usage is rude to other moviegoers, that many go to movie theaters to cut themselves off from the world for two hours, that anyone who can't disengage from their mobile device for two hours is either an addict or someone with attention deficit disorder. Critics with a broader perspective found Walk's idea sadly reflective of a movie culture where no one pays much attention to films webblog because movies made now don't do enough to engage viewers. Walk addressed several of these points in a follow-up post , suggesting that his second-screen-experience theater wouldn't be for every movie (presumably, Oscar-hopeful movies that require thought and engagement would be exempt), and that his idea actually caters to moviegoers who don't want disruptive mobile users to sit among them by removing them all to a separate theater. Walk says he hopes to test the idea soon in San Francisco. Which Movies Have the Best Soundtracks? Walk's idea echoes a similar idea floated last year by two major theater chains at CinemaCon, the annual spring convention for theater owners in Las Vegas . <br>Source:

"I think there could be apostasy that is more sacred than martyrdom," said Lee, a Christian convert who explored Shamanism in some of his past movies. He was one of South Korea's most commercially and critically successful directors in the 1970s and '80s, making melodramas and romances with social critique while South Korea was going through military dictatorships that censored movies. "God's Eye View" is his first movie after an 18-year absence, during which he taught filmmaking at a university. Upon his return, he said he no longer saw movies as a means to gain fame and money, but to achieve loftier goals, and said he hopes the film will help break prejudice about Christianity in South Korea. "Rather than to believe it, I want people to understand Christianity," through the movie, he said denying his movie itself is trying to proselytize. The drama has been met by hundreds of invectives online even though it hasn't been released; the film is still seeking a distributor. <br>Source:

Oct 15, 2013 11:38am (Photo Credit: Evan Agostini/AP Photo) With Charlie Hunnam bowing out of the highly-anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie this past weekend due to an immersive TV schedule, whats next for the female lead -Dakota Johnson? On Saturday, the studios behind the film, Universal Pictures and Focus Features, released a statementstating, The filmmakers of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and Charlie Hunnam have agreed to find another male lead. The statement continued that Hunnamdidnt have time to prepare for the role of Christian Greywhile also focusing on his show Sons of Anarchy. Read: Charlie Hunnam Drops out of Fifty Shades of Grey Movie But back in September after accepting the role, Hunnam, 33,suggested that he and Johnson, 24, who was cast as Anastasia Steele ,were the perfect match for the adaptation of the steamy book, especially in the eyes of director Sam Taylor-Johnson. We both suggested I do a reading with Dakota, who was[Taylor-Johnson's] favorite, Hunnam told reporters last month .As soon as we got in the room, I knew that I definitely wanted to do it. Theres just a tangible chemistry between us. It felt exciting and fun and weird and compelling. So, if it was the tangible chemistry between Johnson and Hunnam that locked theactors into dothe movie, does Hunnams departure mean Johnsons characterwill be recast as well? Johnspns rep did not immediately respond to request for comment. Tell us what you think below. <br>Source:

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She's Everyone's Favourite! Paul Hollywood’s Number One Girl Rub

The entrepreneur who runs his business out of his apartment on Broadway created the Eni Puzzle, a fidget toy that challenges users to make various designs, like a lightning bolt, by rotating colored panels. The puzzle, modeled after the math-based game of the Sliding 15, centers around a single empty space that allows for the tiles to move. What separates Eni from the Rubiks Cube is that this mind-bender requires your full concentration, Sebazco said. Rubiks is a party trick, you can solve it blindfolded, he said. This is not a competition, its an exercise. Sebazco, 43, is eagerly anticipating his products big-screen debut in Escape Plan, the latest Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger-led action movie thats slated to be released on Friday. It takes the company to a whole other level, he said. <br>Source:

Hollywood-style sting nabs alleged pirate kingpin

With all the love in the world, Ruby's not my type. It's all over: Beca Lyne-Pirkis crashed out of the bake off tent in Tuesday night's semi final 'But she's a great baker, one of the most talented bakers who has walked in that tent. He added: kim kardashian jeans 'My job is to judge what goes on the plate. Always has been, always will be. I don't judge the person - Mary will back me up on this - because it's not one judge doing this. It's two. And we both say the same thing.' Meanwhile, Tandoh, who is studying for a philosophy degree, said that she was not bothered by accusations of favouritism. <br>Source:

Hollywood Post Alliance Honors Avid With the Charles S. Swartz Award

Last months benefit concert conducted by Academy Award winner John Williams , which also featured an appearance by award-winning director Steven Spielberg , brought in a record amount for a benefit show. The Sept. 28 one-night-only performance was great site a fundraiser that combined two Hollywood titans, iconic music scores and a selection of film clips spanning the duos collaborative career to benefit the Phoenix Symphonys education and community engagement programs. More than 2,200 attendees heard selections from some of Williams most popular and iconic Kardashian scores including Star Wars, Harry Potter , Jaws and Schindlers List. Read More at <br>Source:

She was an actress no one had ever heard of who played the ingenue lead in High Noon, which was a movie that UA had financed and was about to open in New York, says Picker. When I dropped her off after the shoot, she leaned over and kissed my cheek, and said, Thank you very much. The movie opened and the rest is history. For the record, he has washed his cheek since. Among the many interesting nuggets in Musts, Maybes and Nevers, is the story behind Pickers acquisition of the movie rights to James Bond for United Artist. Hes quick to deflect credit to his brother in law, who lent him one of Ian Flemings books about the superspy at a holiday gathering and suggested UA look into the rights. After joinging forces with up-and-coming New York-born producer Albert R. <br>Source:

Hollywood titans Spielberg, Williams boost Phoenix Symphony

For further information about tickets or the Awards Show call HPA at 213.614.0860 or write to . About the Hollywood Post Alliance Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA) serves the professional community of businesses and individuals who provide expertise, support, tools and the infrastructure for the creation and finishing of motion pictures, television, commercials, digital media and other dynamic media content. About the HPA Awards The HPA Awards were created to foster awareness of post production, promote creative and technical excellence, recognize the achievements of post production talent, and build involvement in the Hollywood Post Alliance. The HPA Awards will be presented with generous support from Sponsors: Foundation members: Dolby, Company 3, Deluxe, EFILM, Encore; Premier sponsor NAB Show; Bronze Sponsor Sohonet; Brand Sponsor NVIDIA and Supporting Sponsors. About Avid Through Avid Everywhere, Avid delivers the industry's most open, innovative and comprehensive media platform connecting content creation with collaboration, asset protection, distribution and consumption for the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the worldfrom the most prestigious and award-winning feature films, music recordings, and television shows, to live concerts and news broadcasts. Industry leading solutions include Pro Tools, Media Composer, ISIS, Interplay, and Sibelius. For more information about Avid solutions and services, visit , connect with Avid on Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , LinkedIn , Google+ ; or subscribe to Avid Blogs. <br>Source:

Hollywood mainstay David Picker on Grace Kelly, James Bond, and memoir 'Musts, Maybes, and Nevers'

2 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs Hollywood-style sting nabs alleged pirate kingpin AP 4:44 p.m. EDT October 14, 2013 In this undated handout photo provided by the Belgian government, the Belgian ship Pompei, owned by De Nul, is shown in unidentified waters. (Photo: Belgian Government) Mohamed Abdi Hassan was charged with hijacking a Belgian ship He was baited with a promise of a movie about piracy Prosecutor: Hassan is one of the most 'important and infamous' pirates SHARE 60 CONNECT 28 TWEET 2 COMMENTEMAILMORE BRUSSELS (AP) The alleged pirate kingpin thought he was going work in the movies. Instead he landed in jail. In a sting operation worthy of Hollywood, Mohamed Abdi Hassan was lured from Somalia to Belgium with promises of work on a documentary about high-seas crime that would "mirror his life as a pirate," federal prosecutor Johan Delmulle said Monday. But rather than being behind the camera as an expert adviser, Abdi Hassan ended up behind bars, nabbed as he landed Saturday at Brussels airport. "(He's) one of the most important and infamous kingpin pirate leaders, responsible for the hijacking of dozens of commercial vessels from 2008 to 2013," Delmulle said. <br>Source:

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Are Tv's New Spinoffs Any Good? | Usa Entertainment Now

When guests have the ability play and be creative through a narrative experience, they feel empowered. Every detail matters and when guests create something on their own it will always mean more than if they are handed something. Weve already seen Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and Agent Ps World Showcase Adventure successfully played out in the parks. Its exciting to think about what new narrative experiences Disney might be developing. The Writers Table The panel concluded with a roundhouse discussion of storytellings impact on the industry of themed entertainment. <br>Source:

(Christopher Polk / Getty Images / September 29, 2013) Also By Ryan Faughnder October 9, 2013, 2:29 p.m. free kim kardashian tape There wasn't much to rave about on the first day of trading for electronic dance music promoter SFX Entertainment Inc. Sillerman, fell $1.11, or 8.5%, to $11.89 on Wednesday, after its initial public offering. The New York company sold 20 million shares at $13 a share, at the high end of its proposed range, raising $260 million in its IPO. PHOTOS: Hollywood Backlot moments The company, which puts on festivals and events including Tomorrowland, Sensation and Mysteryland, plans to use the money for acquisitions. SFX is in the process of completing four acquisitions, including a 70% stake in Made Event, which owns and produces the Electric Zoo Festival. SFX's pro forma sales, which count revenue from planned acquisitions, was $238.6million in 2012, while its net loss was about $68 million.Sillerman is tapping into a market for electronic dance music that the company says will grow to $4.5 billion this year, citing the International Music Summit Business Report. SFX competes with Live Nation , which has been building its presence in the growing electronic dance music market. "The IPO was designed to give SFX the financial muscle to outbid Live Nation when trying to acquire major producers and promoters of live events,"said Sam Hamadeh, the founder and chief executive of PrivCo, in an email."SFX's weak IPO reception will impact SFX's ability to use its hobbled stock to buy more music festival and read here other live events companies." PHOTOS: Celebrities by The Times Sillerman, SFX's chief executive and chairman, was responsible for the combining of the businesses that became Live Nation . UBS Investment Bank, Jefferies and Deutsche Bank Securities led SFX's IPO. The shares trade on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the symbol SFXE. ALSO: <br>Source:,0,2993750.story

PopWatch Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch Blog

Eastern Time. Interested parties can listen to the call live on the Internet or by phone. Phone (Domestic): 877-407-0778 Phone (International): 201-689-8565 Please dial in to the call at least 5 - 10 minutes prior to the start of the call or go to the Web site at least 15 minutes prior to the call to download and install any necessary audio software. When prompted, ask for the Regal Entertainment Group conference call. A replay of the call will be available beginning approximately two hours following the call. Those interested in listening to the replay of the conference call should dial 877-660-6853 (Domestic) or 201-612-7415 (International) and enter conference call ID # 405492. <br>Source:

| USA Entertainment Now First came 'Once Upon a Time,' now ABC is premiering 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.' Host Carly Mallenbaum and TV critic Robert Bianco talk about the deluge of new spinoffs, like 'Wonderland,' that are taking over TV. Post to Facebook Are TV's new spinoffs any good? | USA Entertainment Now on Incorrect please try again A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Sent! A link has been sent to your friend's email address. <br>Source:

More significantly, it was a chance for Lowell Potiker, the new CEO and son of company founders Hughes and Sheila Potiker, to outline his plans to revive the more than 50-year-old coupon publisher that he and his siblings purchased for $17.5 million. It was a great business opportunity, he said. But, it also was my parents legacy. The previous owner, MH Equity Investors in Indianapolis, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, closed the doors and laid off 667 workers, including 225 in Troy. It was set to be liquidated until the Potikers offered to buy it back. The company blamed the closing on a lawsuit and dispute among principals of MH Equity Investors. Potiker has hired many of the employees MH fired, continued selling the coupon books and began re-establishing relationships with business partners. <br>Source:

The shows 39th season premiere boasted six brand-new cast members, a new Weekend Update anchor, and Tina Fey. Last weeks Mileypalooza carried with it a feeling that anything was possible and the football game that delayed the cold open for 27 minutes only stoked our anticipation. Tonights episode, by comparison, seems much less exciting. The host isnt a seasonedvet known for bringing out the best inSNLs cast and crew or an unpredictable pop wild child. Instead, its Bruce Willis. Dont get me wrong I like Bruce Willis! <br>Source:

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Seven Things We Can Learn From Dysfunctional Celebrities

Celebrities read 'Letters to Jackie'

Also in attendance were White House Entertainment Advisory Council co-chairs Eric Ortner, actor Kal Penn and Warner Music Group's Bruce Roberts. In an interview with ABC News, Ortner was quick to point out that the purpose of the meeting was to give the stars facts about the law, also called Obamacare, and let them pass information to their fans. "What we do is just get people together, build a network based on true facts and real stories, and ask them to expose them without the veil of partisan politics to their audience," Ortner said. "These are just people that want to tell the truth to their networks." Obamacare Sites Still Swamped but Wait Times Cut The White House says the youth network is vital to the law's success. Out of the 7 million people the Congressional Budget Office estimates will sign up for the new health care exchanges in 2014, the Obama administration is hoping 40 percent -- or 2.7 million -- of those enrollees will be young, uninsured Americans, ages 18 to 35. <br>Source:

Celebrities with Diabetes or with Prediabetes

Anonymous web link visitors to can access up to 3 premium articles per calendar month. Users who become free registered users of can access up to 10 premium articles per month. Access to additional premium content requires a paid subscription. To register or subscribe, please visit on a desktop or laptop computer Premium content is available to sample on a limited basis. Learn more about registering or subscribing to increase your access. <br>Source:

5 Latino Celebrities Who've Made A Comeback

At one extreme, theres rock star Bret Michaels , who was on the television series "Celebrity Apprentice"; his charity for the show was the American Diabetes Association.And Mary Tyler Moore ,who has supported the JDRF for years. On the other side are the silent types, such as Vinnie Politan , a commentator for the Headline News network, who only very more.. rarely mentions that he has type 1 diabetes. And actress Halle Berry, who seems to have been diagnosed initially as type 1 ,but later apparently claimed she was type 2 (and who may have one of the variants of diabetes that are lumped into the unofficial category type 1-and-a-half). Then there are the cash-in types, such as celebrity cooking show hostess Paula Deen ,who silently suffered from her diabetes until she found she could land a contract pitching a diabetes drug. The NY Times quotes an unnamed source as saying "Ms. <br>Source:

Celebrities Are 'Spoiled,' Says Giancarlo Giammetti, Former Valentino Executive

The actress is just one of the feeds to join an ever-growing list of famous faces who are using the social networking app to take cool snaps and videos of their various adventures. Take a look at our roundup of the top celebrities to follow on the social media site, and follow away so you don't miss any exciting updates! Click through to see who we're following, and once you're signed up, be sure to find our account and stay connected with POPSUGAR on Instagram . Happy sharing! <br>Source:

Celebrities Using Instagram

From darkness to light, Latino celebrities continue to amaze us with their comebacks. We find inspiration in their stories, as they fight their way to the top, time and time again. Loading Slideshow Ryan Lochte Ryan Lochte is the overnight success who's been around for some time. Born in upstate New York to a Cuban mother ('Ike') and German-Irish father, Lochte was raised mostly in Florida where his father was a swimming coach and where his talents blossomed. One of the most decorated U.S. swimmers ever, Lochte's haul of five shiny medals (2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze), paled with the glare of lights, media attention and fans that followed his every swim, smiling interview and bare chested moment. Alongside chatter about his wins and almost-wins, there has been plenty of speculation about his dating life, his possible TV career, and his penchant for non sequiturs. <br>Source:

Celebrities Who Attacked Paparazzi, PHOTOS: Kanye West, Alec Baldwin, Justin Bieber & More

Sometimes their anger escalated into a brawl. EnStarsput together a list of some celebrities who famously attacked a paparazzo. Justin Bieber: While in London over the summer, a paparazzo kim kardashian store cursed at Bieber as the pop star hurried to his car and told him to "go back to America." The kim kardashian dress insult didn't sit will with Bieber, who replied, "I'll f--ken beat the f--k out of you." Adam Lambert: The former American Idol contestant fought with a paparazzo in Miami in 2010. Photos caught Lambert attacking the photographer. Britney Spears: A bald Britney Spears attacked a paparazzi's SUV with an umbrella back in 2007. Jude Law: The actor slapped a female photographer across her face in London in 2009. She reportedly told reporters: "He hit me full on the face, it was a real stinger, it was very sore." Kanye West: The rapper has lashed out on paparazzi several times. <br>Source:

There's no commitment involved, no work, no fittings. They wear the dress and it has a short life. They don't have time to love a dress." Our response to Giammetti? Don't hate the player, hate the game. Since today's celebrity audience follows their favorite stars' every move, a woman will quickly get called out for repeating an outfit or wearing the same dress as someone else . Clothing and accessories can be far too kim kardashian fat expensive to purchase . And an overabundance of options only encourages celebrities to make last-minute changes. <br>Source:

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